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Upsari’s Serenity Collection and #ThePerfectSummerDress

The Kiss Me dress, from the Serenity Beach collection is a sari-inspired dress: with a vintage vibe and modern details.

The Kiss Me dress is made for beach days and lunches out and summer weekends: it is the #perfectsummerdress!

I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use handloom textiles in our everyday. When I think of my do-it-all shift dress. It’s not easy to find the right fabric. It has to be soft and also easy to maintain. It has to have the right drape. I’ve found some beautiful colours but wasn’t sure about how to maintain the fabric.

My search ended one day in Mumbai when I met a cooperative group from South India selling their handloom textiles in a special weekend market. The colours and the sheen of the fabric jumped out at me.

What I found was a gorgeous mercerized Ikat cotton, which means it is buttery soft and easy to maintain. Like a lot of handloom cotton, it gets softer and stronger with each use. It is a small-run, limited edition. 

This mercerized patola (Ikat) fabric I found meets my requirement to bring beauty to the everyday for the Upsari woman. It is a little over my budget but it’s a really special fabric. This fabric is so worth it, but because everyone has a different budget, I’ve decided to make two options of the Kiss Me. One is made with the handloom and is lined with a soft sunny mango cotton and the Kiss Me 2 is made with a beautiful digital printed machine mill.

This 60's inspired swingy A-line Shift is one of my favourite dresses. I love that we successfully combined this parisian style with south asian heritage fabrics and designs.  The Kiss Me dress is made for the woman who loves texture and colour. The juicy pink and orange colours of spring and summer mingles with the dark fig. That along with its tailored fit will make the Upsari woman feel beautiful.

The major bonus of owning this dress is that I get to have a beautiful piece of handloomed fabric with the colours of spring all over me.

This is our version of the little back dress: wear it all summer. We suggest packing it for the beach weekend. And then back home again

So, just to sum it all up:

The Kiss me dress will take you to work, to play, to errands and then to cocktails. The Kiss me dress, from our Serenity Beach collection is the #perfectsummerdress!

The vintage inspired Kiss me dress is made from a combination of machine and handloom cotton from India. The stunning and soft mercerized cotton is sexy yet comfortable. The digital mill print provides drama and impact. 

Your summer suitcase will thank you. 

Kiss Me dress: Made in Toronto, Canada: 100% Handloom Cotton: Loomed in South India. 

Kiss Me  2: 100% Cotton: machine milled in India. Made in India.

This dress was submitted to the #AOFcompetition to