Thank you!!! We have almost sold out on our current stock! There are a few items left in women's and a few children's items. We are cooking up new styles and will bring back some of your favourites. Please get in touch if you have something in mind for your personal sari! Please check back soon.

The Sari Dress: How Upsari began

I was inspired to make the collection of girls and women's dresses after my mother spoke about getting rid of many of her saris. She wanted me to help her sell them on ebay.

After that I was motivated to find a way to keep the tradition of her saris going. Though I wasn't too hopeful that I or my girls would suddenly start wearing saris.

Our northern city is cold half the year but besides that, our lifestyles and fashions have taken us so far away from wearing saris that I felt I had to find another way. 

In India, an old sari is passed down in many ways and a sari can be re purposed into a quilt or bedspread.

In the west, we don't have too much of a tradition of repurposing old clothing. Also, many of my mother's saris were not ready to be made into quilts. I wanted to see my daughters wear them. 

So I created Upsari, inspired by my mother's saris and other heritage textiles from South Asia.

The collection uses 100% reclaimed silk. 

We are always designing a new sari dress style and are working on creating new ways of reusing discarded saris.

We would love to hear your design ideas. 



We work with a social enterprises, and small batch factories 
in Canada and India. 

With our Sari-to-Party project, we partnered with a social enterprise in Vancouver, British Columbia. We make clutches out of repurposed cotton canvas and reclaimed silk saris. 

We will gratefully and most happily accept any sari donations for our social enterprise partnerships. 

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